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CallCenterESL’s online and mobile solutions offer core-competency skills practice in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, listening comprehension and much more. Study from anywhere, at any time.   

Multimodal Learning

Develop language skills and practice pronunciation with comprehension exercises that include video, audio, voice record, and voice compare via Voice Match. This isn’t textbook learning.

Quizzes and Certificates

Test your mastery with our online quizzes and comprehension exercises. Print certificates and monitor your learning progress with our detailed record keeping system.

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Study hard and study often, but  study at your own pace. CallCenterESL.com offers the language skills practice you’ll need to succeed in a highly competitive and evolving industry. Access language tools and authentic materials you won’t find anywhere else.

CallCenterESL isn’t your typical textbook-based, English pronunciation training course. Our intensive ESP program contains the materials and tools necessary to begin improving your pronunciation, grammar, listening and speaking skills, and target accent. Our proven approach coupled with multimedia-assisted language activities make learning interactive and fun. Most importantly, you’ll see results within only a few weeks of study.
Native speaker-like pronunciation is very important for Call Center representatives when communicating with clients who expect to hear the English language as it is spoken in the US or Canada. However, to efficiently get your message across to customers, you must first learn the foundations of grammar and acquire as much vocabulary as possible before starting work.  Mastery of these techniques ensures that messages are properly communicated over the phone. 
We are a collaboration of educators and educational multimedia specialists. CallCenterESL offers a learning experience unlike any other, offering authentic call center dialogues with audio and video lessons supported by a variety of language exercises and quizzes.
It is no news to anyone—not all learners are the same. Research has continually shown that significant increases in learning can be accomplished through the informed use of visual and verbal multimodal learning. Try our  FREE demo course to experience how we’re different.
Passively listening to CDs isn’t an effective means for improving skills such as pronunciation and speaking. The same holds true with textbook-only learning. Quite often, language and pronunciation courses are bundled with: CDs, a workbook, and a promise to improve pronunciation or accent. However, without actual speaking practice, this type of study is useless and short-lived.  
Although CallCenterESL was developed with the Call Center Representative in mind, our language models and course content offer students in varying industries and professions a chance to improve their pronunciation and general English skills.
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Improve Your Pronunciation

Speech Practice with Voice Match

Practicing pronunciation using CDs is ineffective and cumbersome.

Discover a fun and effective way to improve your pronunciation
and fluency with CallCenterESL's Voice Match software.

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Earn points and rewards as you reach course milestones

Your hard work won’t go unnoticed! Students receive fun and meaningful feedback on their progress.

Completing Lessons

As you complete lessons, your study records are stored and calculated to measure and demonstrate your progress. Pop-up notifications are activated as lessons are completed.

Taking Quizzes and Tests

Comprehensive quizzes and tests check comprehension and are included in every lesson. Students can also record their voices and compare their own pronunciation and accent to that of a native speaker.

Passing Courses

As courses are completed, trophies and printable certificates are rewarded for dedicated students. Hard work and progress shouldn’t go without proper accolades.

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